What should a successful trade fair stand look like? What are 6 wrongs?

What should a successful trade fair stand look like? What are 6 wrongs? When your company spends the money, time and effort to showcase a trade show, it’s vital to get the most out of it. Careful planning and research can go a long way in ensuring a successful show at your next trade show. This article will highlight ways to attract visitors to your booth, how to be a successful trade show booth, and what are the 6 most common mistakes. You will explain in detail our understanding and ways of planning, and discover some of the best ideas for trade show stands.

Trade Fair Stand

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What should a successful trade fair booth look like? These 6 mistakes you should avoid

At a trade fair, suppliers of products and services meet their target groups. They can also browse the competition, make important connections and get valuable feedback. That’s why trade fairs are an important marketing tool for any company, provided they are used correctly. A well-thought-out exhibition stand design is important, but even the best design does not guarantee exhibition success. Below you’ll find a rundown of six typical mistakes companies make, especially when appearing at trade shows, and tips on how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Choosing the wrong trade fair

  • Does my company have a target group?
  • Are my competitors at the fair?
  • Do my customers and sales partners expect me to be at the fair?
  • How well known is the fair? Are there advertising platforms such as the fair website?

The more precisely you answer these questions and the more precisely you define your goals, the better your chances of success at the trade show.

Mistake 2: Insufficient preparation for the trade fair

The decision has been made for a particular trade show, now it’s time to prepare for the trade show (see blog trade fair preparation checklist). Successful preparation takes an average of six to twelve months – so don’t expect too much, because informed planning is an important prerequisite for a successful trade show. Register your company on time for the fair and rent a car for transportation. You should also reserve hotel rooms on time if necessary. Especially at the relevant fairgrounds, there are no available hotel rooms shortly before the fair starts, or they are too expensive. Also, make sure that there are sufficiently motivated and well-trained exhibition staff. Just as important are high-quality gifts in sufficient quantity – because nothing is more annoying and embarrassing than asking a potential customer for a product sample and stand staff standing there empty-handed. In addition, while planning the fair, you should not neglect the following points:

  • Is there enough seating for visitors to the stand?
  • Is food and beverage supply guaranteed to employees?
  • Are there enough experienced employees who can be entrusted with the transportation, assembly and disassembly of the exhibition stand?
  • How is the daily routine organized? Who and when can take a break?

What Should A Successful Trade Fair Stand Look Like

Mistake 3: A messy exhibition stand

A company’s exhibition stand reflects the quality and performance of its products and services. So pay more attention to order and cleanliness. A well-groomed appearance is also important for employees. Sloppy clothing makes you look unprofessional and negatively affects the image potential customers see of your business. You should also ensure that the booth personnel are immediately recognized by the visitors. This way you avoid misunderstandings and ensure that interested parties find a contact person immediately.

Mistake 4: Insufficiently trained exhibition stand personnel

A well-trained staff is an indispensable foundation for your fair success. It is especially important that your employees do not get too close to potential customers, as this can be a deterrent. A reserved and at the same time friendly address is always the better choice. Another fatal mistake during the show appearance: booth staff working on their laptops or busy with their smartphones. This makes it seem like potential customers aren’t interested. In the worst case, they then migrate to the opponent. It is worth investing in intensive trade fair training to best prepare your staff for customer contact.

Mistake 5: Not including lead contact information

It is important to contact interested parties as soon as possible after the trade show, for example to set up a desired appointment. Promised documents should also be mailed immediately after the end of the trade fair. For this, it is essential to record the contact information of potential customers or to request their business cards during the fair. It is important that you have at least enough business cards of your own company ready and generously distribute them so that the potential customer can contact you quickly and easily if they have any questions. On this occasion, give your potential customer a brochure that clearly presents your company’s products, services, and service offerings. That way, the chances of a prospect becoming a new customer soon are particularly good.

Ticaret Fuarı Standı Nasıl Olmalı What Should A Successful Trade Fair Stand Look Like

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Mistake 6: Failure to evaluate appropriately

Intensive monitoring and evaluation of the fair is as important as preparation. Was it worth attending the fair? What went well, is there room for improvement? Sit down with the team shortly after the trade show, discuss everything calmly and get important feedback.

FAQ: How should exhibition stands be


How much should I budget for an exhibition booth?2023-08-21T05:24:43-07:00

The amount you should budget for an exhibition booth will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the booth, the type of materials you use, the location of the trade show, and the level of customization you want. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 or more on an exhibition booth.

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs you can expect to incur:

  • Booth space: This is the most significant cost, and it will vary depending on the size and location of the trade show. For example, booth space at a large trade show in a major city will be more expensive than booth space at a smaller trade show in a rural area.
  • Booth design and construction: The cost of booth design and construction will depend on the size and complexity of your booth, as well as the materials you use. For example, a custom-built booth made from high-quality materials will be more expensive than a prefabricated booth made from less expensive materials.
  • Booth graphics and signage: The cost of booth graphics and signage will depend on the size and complexity of your graphics, as well as the materials you use. For example, full-color graphics printed on vinyl will be more expensive than black and white graphics printed on paper.
  • Booth furniture and fixtures: The cost of booth furniture and fixtures will depend on the type of furniture you need, as well as the quality of the materials. For example, a custom-made table made from wood will be more expensive than a folding table made from plastic.
  • Booth labor: The cost of booth labor will depend on the amount of labor required to set up and tear down your booth, as well as the hourly rate of the laborers.
  • Other costs: There may be other costs associated with your exhibition booth, such as shipping, insurance, and marketing.

It is important to budget for all of these costs when planning your exhibition booth. By doing so, you can avoid any surprises and ensure that you have enough money to create a booth that meets your needs and budget.

Here are some tips for budgeting for an exhibition booth:

  • Start by setting a realistic budget. Consider your goals for the trade show and how much you can afford to spend.
  • Get quotes from multiple vendors. This will help you get the best possible price for your booth.
  • Be prepared to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with vendors to get the best possible price.
  • Start planning early. This will give you time to get quotes from vendors and make sure your booth is ready on time.

By following these tips, you can budget for an exhibition booth that meets your needs and budget.

What material is the exhibition stand made of?2022-09-17T07:24:05-07:00

Materials such as chipboard, chipboard, mdf, mdf lam and highglass are preferred for modular exhibition stands. Moreover; Modular stand designs are enriched with glass and steel materials. Modular fair stand design is made in the sizes and colors desired by the companies. They are usually installed on parquet and carpet floors for more reliable use. Exhibition stands, which have a modular structure, are designed from aluminum-based materials. Modular stand design is always optional. All the materials used are produced as puzzles and each piece can be designed by using each other. In wooden exhibition stand types, chipboard or chipboard is used.

How to attract attention at the fair?2022-09-17T07:23:30-07:00

A well-designed exhibition stand will be attractive enough. You can make your fair stand more interesting with led video screens and increase the interest with interactive presentations. In addition, you can use free treats and promotional gifts. most importantly, your fair stand should be well and effectively illuminated.

How should the fair stand design be?2022-09-17T07:22:48-07:00

In its subject, it is important to present the idea or products of the brand in the most artistic and descriptive way. The company’s founding purpose, vision and mission, basic goals and the foundations that make up the brand should form the basis of the stand design. The selected materials, the lines of the design, the colors used and the paint-covering materials should highlight the corporate identity of the company and convey this very well to the visitors.

What should be considered in the fair stand design?2022-09-17T07:22:00-07:00
  • A good stand should highlight the products
  • There should be no complicated layout on the stand
  • Arouse the curiosity of its visitors
  • It should attract attention with a simple presentation
  • The company should be brought to the fore in the most accurate way
  • There should be enough informative content about the products


Conclusion: Careful planning is required as a guarantee of successful trade fair stand.

Typical mistakes made when exhibiting at a trade show that intensive, careful planning with all possibilities is the most important prerequisite for a successful trade show appearance. In this context, well-trained and well-prepared employees are also important, down to the provision of sufficient advertising material, various presentation tools, video screens and business cards. And if you value careful final evaluation, you can always make the most of and benefit from your trade fair appearance. A led video wall on your fair stand will attract people’s attention.


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