Fairs are an indispensable activity for people who serve a certain purpose and come together for certain common purposes. A wide variety of fairs are held in line with certain ideas. It is an important requirement to introduce the products in accordance with the purposes of the companies and to design a functional exhibition stand at the fairs. In this article, we will talk about the details of the exhibition stands.

Types of Exhibition Stands:

  1. Pop-up stands
  2. Portable stands
  3. Custom stands
  4. System stands
  5. Modular stands
  6. Shell scheme stands
  7. Outdoor stands
  8. Double-decker stands
  9. Hanging structures/Signage
  10. Kiosk stands

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Fair culture is a product display platform dating back to ancient times. However, fair stand design and application works are a newly developing technological phenomenon. In this regard, both technical, technological and scientific studies have developed. Different and creative fair stand prices of the companies participating in the fairs, which is one of the contemporary marketing areas, vary.

Moreover, the fairs attended by the companies can be not only within the country and national, but also in different countries or internationally. For these reasons, companies should be different not only with their products but also with the visuals of the fair stand design. What should be considered here is the sector in which the company operates. The company can develop exhibition stands by using the technological infrastructures of the sector it is affiliated with. Particularly, the contributions of the organization companies are very effective in this regard.

What is Fair Stands?

Exhibition stand; It is a functional, eye-pleasing and high-quality unit designed according to the purpose of the fair in question. Exhibition stands have a great contribution in promoting your company and presenting your products to wider networks. In the fair you aim to attend, the stand you have set up is considered as an example of your business or as a store. From this point of view, the quality and attractiveness of the fair stands is directly reflected in your product marketing network.

What are the Types of Fair Stands?

Exhibition stand types are divided into modular stands and wooden exhibition stands. Exhibition stands are designed with a wide range of products. The most appropriate fair selection can be made according to the purpose of the fair. Wooden exhibition stands; They are stands made of chipboard, mdf, or chipboard materials.

Wooden exhibition stands are generally specially produced stands that cannot be reused. For designs where reuse is in question, this detail should be specifically included and designed in this way. Wooden exhibition stands; can be produced together with chipboard, chipboard, and paint or in various styles such as lacquer, high gloss. The most important feature of modular stands is that they can be used repeatedly.

What Kind of Way Should Be Followed in the Design of Exhibition Stands?

The fair stand design should first be chosen in a way that will respond to the purpose of the fair. The way to be interesting at a fair is to have a stylish, high quality, and aesthetic design. Based on this context, the right exhibition stand design should be made and selected from within the stand product range. Stands should have a dynamic system. The stand that attracts the attention of the visitors the most in the said fair should also have a positive effect on the visitors.

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How is Fair Stands Made?

Wooden exhibition stands are produced specifically for the company from mdf, chipboard, and chipboard. They are for single use only. In order to be reused, it must be designed with special craftsmanship. Modular stands are produced disassembled. They are made of aluminum, mdflam, or chipboards that allow for repeated use. Extra materials can be added to increase the functionality of existing stands. They can be stored for use at other fairs.

What should be considered in the fair stand design?

There are many details that will shape the fair stand designs. Since the designs will differ from company to company, it is a great advantage to have originality.

Things to consider in the design can be listed as follows;

  • Products should be reflected correctly and should be in the foreground.
  • The stand should appear interesting to visitors.
  • A complex image should be avoided.
  • It should be able to accurately reflect the purpose of the fair.
  • The color harmony of the stand should be able to move together.
  • Details that can reflect the characteristic features of the company should be included.
  • Equipment to be kept at the stands must be complete.
  • Functionality and aesthetics should be at the forefront.

The more a stand with common features is designed with the company in question, the more positive impressions will be. For this reason, stand design is a must for a company that can reflect itself well.