According to the countries and regions where the fair events are held, the fair stand location selection is made with different procedures. When you want to participate in USA fairs, you should take care to choose the most suitable place for your company in the fairground while renting a fair stand.

The place chosen for the exhibition stand should be the place where all visitors can see you and where your brand can leave a mark in their minds. Companies that have participated in the USA fairs before can use the same place as they have the right to protect the place they choose. Among the available places for the new companies to join, the ones with the best location are selected immediately.

While choosing the place, companies that have participated in the US fair stand for the same fair and have loyalty will have priority status. They have the right to protect the place they have chosen for the exhibition stand they rented during their previous exhibition participation. If they wish, they have priority for places that are available and not purchased.

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How to Choose the Area Where Your Stand Is Located

When you plan to attend USA fairs, you should make observations by attending these fairs as a visitor. Companies that will attend the fair for the first time should prefer to rent a small space first. As the fair experience increases, the fair stand area can be gradually expanded. The following should be considered when choosing the area where your stand is located.

  • Points where visitors are concentrated,
  • Stands close to well-known brand stands,
  • Places close to cafeterias and toilets,
  • Stands close to the points where conferences and events are held,

Your aim of participating in the fair is to increase brand awareness and to promote the products in the best way. For this, the choice of exhibition stand location is very important.

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Fair Stands Floor Types

The types of exhibition stand to be used for USA fairs consist of 4 different options. You can choose the model according to the fair stadium location selection. USA exhibition stand options are as follows.

  • One-sided open exhibition stand (Inline booth),
  • Two-sided open exhibition stand (2-Side Open booth),
  • Three-sided open exhibition stand (2 corner booths),
  • Four-sided open island fair stand (Island Stand),

Those who want to rent a USA exhibition stand must first determine the exhibition stand locations and choose the model according to the stand-location.

Types of Exhibition Stands and How Are They Made?

Single Front Open Stands

Three sides of the stands are open on one side and closed on three sides. There are other stands mostly on the side of the aisle and next to it. When choosing a place for USA fairs, you can choose according to the fair stand model you have rented. In fair stands with one side open, it is ensured that the front facade is completely open and visitors can see and visit the interior better.

Vistad 01

Two-Side Open Stands

Two-sided open exhibition stand models are called corner stands. It is mostly found at the beginning of the line, at the beginning or at the end of the corridor. Both façades face the visitors’ promenade and create an image of a larger area. Product promotions are made easier as it creates a wider image from the outside. There is only one neighboring stand adjacent to the exhibition stand layout.

Sandeco 01

Three Sided Open Stands

In USA fairs, three-sided open stands are called headstands. Since it is open on three sides, it is quite suitable for product display and demonstration. Its rent is slightly higher than other exhibition stand types. It is located at the end of the block sections and is open on all three sides.

Arfen 02

Four Sides Open Island Stands

One of the most effective stand types in fairs is the island fair stand, which consists of a completely independent block open on four sides. The high number of open façades in the fair stands will cause the cost of the stand design to be high.

Seafood Expo Boston 06

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Exhibition Stand

It is important to choose the right design and stand model in order to increase the visibility of the exhibition stand in USA fairs. Exhibition stand models for USA fairs are prepared as wooden, modular, and maxima. Wooden exhibition stand models are preferred for greater visibility and various advantages. Being able to show the brand logo in the best way will increase visibility.

A good exhibition stand should attract the attention of visitors, be suitable for exhibiting the products in the best way, give information and ideas, and create a positive impact on visitors. The physical conditions necessary for commercial connections and business negotiations should be prepared very well, especially at the stands prepared at fairs. A well-designed stand is very important for the promotion of the company.

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