Sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days. But can an entire exhibition stand also be sustainable? We will show you what you can do to use resources wisely for your trade fair appearance, to reduce waste and CO 2 emissions as much as possible and to use regional and biological sources for everything else.

Sürdürülebilir Fuar Standı

Sürdürülebilir fuar standı

The “Zero Waste” idea: a positive image with your presence at the trade fair

It will not work completely without garbage – i.e. “zero waste” – in trade fair construction, but there are some practical ways to make a trade fair appearance more sustainable. These alternatives are not even more expensive! In the long term, they definitely pay off: a sustainable exhibition stand is a contribution to a better environment. This shows that you take responsibility for our society. This creates a positive image, because more than ever, trade fair visitors take a close look at how a trade fair stand is designed. A company that acts prudently is attractive to customers, sales partners and also as an employer.

Flagship exhibition stand: Profitable investment in the future

There are several adjustment screws to plan and construct a trade fair stand according to the principles of sustainability:

  • conserve resources
  • reduce waste
  • Use recycled products
  • use renewable materials
  • Use products multiple times
  • save energy
  • Reduce CO 2 consumption
  • pay attention to short distances
  • prefer regional products
  • choose ecological products

If you have a tight budget, you may shy away from the higher costs of purchasing a sustainable exhibition stand. He should keep in mind that disposable items are cheap to buy, but have to be bought again and again and the costs add up over the years. Thanks to modular systems, reusability and multiple use are no problem, especially in trade fair construction – and you still have a new, attractive trade fair stand for every event!

Sustainable in detail: What alternatives are there?

Modular wall systems

A trade fair stand made up of modules can not only be used several times, but also put together differently each time. In addition, it is easily possible to enlarge the stand or simply omit a module. The frame elements of such modular systems are robust and durable. Aluminum is often used, which can be formed into stable profiles but is still light in weight. The connection points are already prepared so that you can assemble the frames quickly and easily. The screw connections can be used again and again. Damage that occurs with frequent use is not noticeable because the frames are usually covered.

system floors

If you need a pedestal, for example to conceal cables, you can also use modular systems: You assemble the floor panels according to your stand size and level them using the feet. Sawing, drilling and screwing are no longer necessary! For flooring, there are reusable carpets or vinyls that are thick enough to sit unglued without slipping and wear out slowly.

Renewable raw materials

Wood is a popular material because it exudes comfort. Use wood from FSC-certified forestry for your exhibition stand. An alternative could be bamboo because it is a very fast growing raw material.

Also put all the other components to the test, such as the adhesive: What is the relationship between longevity and environmental impact and manufacturing costs? For example, you can choose ecological paints because they do not contain mineral oil.

Textile webs and fabric prints

In many respects, PVC-free textile webs are ideal as exhibition stand walls: The material is a recyclable raw material, is lighter than wooden panels, takes up less space for transport and storage and is reusable. Due to the grid dimensions, you can easily adjust the lengths of fabric to the size of your stand.

Textiles can be printed with graphics of high brilliance. The quality of the prints makes it possible to use graphics more often. You can distribute trade fair-specific imprints on textile strips that can be changed at low cost.

Since lengths of fabric are usually pulled in over piping, you don’t need any screws or nails. If possible, give preference to textiles with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX seal. They are produced according to strict criteria and are non-toxic. Use such textiles for carpets, upholstery fabrics and banners, for example.





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Sustainable services around the exhibition stand

Consider renting trade fair furniture and the equipment for your trade fair kitchen or even the entire trade fair stand. This makes sense especially for trade fairs in cities far away, in order to reduce CO 2 emissions for transport: You save fuel and long journeys for the fitters and possible overnight stays.

It goes without saying that you use LEDs for your lighting: They require less electricity, are even brighter, do not get hot and have a very long service life. When it comes to the electrical devices for your exhibition stand, give preference to those with a favorable EU energy consumption label.

Instead of printed flyers and brochures, advertising today is often digital. From smartphones to projectors, digital media offer countless opportunities to specifically address trade fair visitors and all other interested parties. Entire catalogs can be made available for download.

You can also position yourself sustainably when it comes to catering: Use reusable dishes, use fair trade products as well as regional or organic products, hire caterers from the region. Even with the give-aways there are ideas that protect the environment.

Even after many years of use, those who are very environmentally conscious are still looking for a new use for their trade fair elements: For example, the lengths of fabric can be converted into bags. Maybe there are companies in your region that want to give used materials a new meaning in a sustainable way.

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Sürdürülebilir fuar standı

Sustainability management in trade fair construction

Every step you take towards sustainability is a relief for our environment. Feel free to show that your company is future-oriented! Use seals like OEKO-TEX for your company communication. If you want to do more, you can run a sustainability management system in which everything to do with the exhibition stand is put to the test. You can also get help from professionals such as One Stop Expo . The experts have drawn up a concept for a zero-waste exhibition stand that you can even configure yourself. And you compensate for the unavoidable CO 2 consumption by paying into a climate protection program. A certificate posted at the trade fair then certifies that you use resources sparingly at your trade fair stand.

Conclusion of a sustainable trade fair stand and trade fair appearance: Details make the big difference!

We all face the task of acting as environmentally friendly and resource-saving as possible. Therefore, a sustainable exhibition stand also improves our living environment. There are alternatives in trade fair construction that are worth considering. And: even small things help! Therefore, use the opportunities to protect our environment and our society. Make your company appearance a flagship that not only impresses ecologically interested visitors.