It is important to get professional organization services in order to participate in the fairs to be held abroad. Participating in USA fairs will increase the prestige of the company and reach new customer groups. Some of the services you can get to attend USA fairs are as follows.

  • Finding fairs in different areas,
  • Ease of obtaining a visa for the fair,
  • Transportation services,
  • Hotel reservation convenience,
  • Professional translator services,

All services are provided professionally and it is ensured that you get the best benefit from international fair organizations.

Those Who Want to Open an Exhibition Stand in America Need to Know

Exhibition Stand Design

Fair stand design is one of the services to be received in fair organizations. You will need a specially designed stand in order to attract attention and express yourself better in the fairground. The stand you will use will be prepared by experts according to your industry and brand image. After completing all the procedures in order to participate in the USA fairs, it is possible to make the designs by choosing among the fair stand types.

Exhibition stand design examples

Wooden Exhibition Stands Design

The stands to be used in the fairs that will be attended at home or abroad are very important in terms of brand image. You can choose a wooden exhibition stand for the services you can get for USA fairs. Wooden fair stands are among the most preferred stand options. As it provides a more stylish appearance, it contributes to the retention of the brand. As companies from all over the world participate in USA fairs, it will increase brand awareness.

How are Fair Product Display Stands Made?

Modular Exhibition Stands Design

Fair organizations are organized after a great preparation process. You can choose modular exhibition stands for stand designs, which are among the services that can be taken to participate in USA fairs.

Modular designs provide great advantages in order to create a more modern image and to better display the product. The fact that modular stands can be easily disassembled and assembled allows you to use the same stand design in different fair organizations. All stages of the services you will receive are provided by experts in their fields and you will be able to benefit from all services abroad in the best way.

Maxima Exhibition Stands Design

When you decide to participate in USA fairs, you will need the best fair stand design for your company. Maxima exhibition stand offers both price and usage advantages. It is a type of exhibition stand that can be specially designed according to each sector, brand and product.

Modular and aluminum panels are used in Maxima exhibition stand designs. The fact that it can be made in the desired size and design will provide a modern look. It is among the preferred options in fair stand design services.

Product Display Stands Design

You can get professional service to ensure that your company, which will participate in the USA fair organizations, exhibits its products in the best way during the fair event. Product display stand options are made from different types of materials such as glass, wood, plexi, and aluminum, according to product groups. The more successfully you display your products, the more successful you will be in advertising and brand awareness. The services you will receive will make your work easier.

How Product Display Stands Should Be

It is the best product display stand to be used in order to easily attract the attention of the customers to the products with its aesthetic and striking designs. Glass product display stands, wooden product display stands, revolving product display stands, fair product display stands and metal product display stands and product display stands over promotional stands are the most preferred. The product display stands, which are highly preferred in the retail sector; We offer companies that are looking for a display stand with good design, quality materials and good practice. Product display stands, which are indispensable for the retail industry, are the ideal stands for displaying your products. By combining different materials with effective stand designs, we ensure that your products are best displayed in retail areas.

Exhibition Stand Production

The services you will receive before participating in the USA fairs start with the fair stadium design process. Special designs are made for the production of exhibition stands according to company, sector and brand criteria. In order for the fair stand to be meaningful, the right designs must be made. In order to be better represented at the fair, stands made of the right materials should be used. Material selection and production services are provided in fair stand production.

Exhibition stand examples

Wooden Exhibition Stands Production

In order to influence the target audience in fair organizations, it is necessary to choose among wooden fair stand models. The production of wooden exhibition stands is made with designs that can bring the brand to the fore and keep it in mind. Exhibition stand productions are made specially according to the corporate colors of the company and customer expectations. By getting these services, you can show yourself better at the fair.

Modular Exhibition Stands Production

Modular exhibition stand design and production options are offered in the services received for participation in USA fairs. In modular exhibition stand production, mdf, mdf lam, chipboard, chipboard and highglass products are preferred. It can be used in steel and glass materials to enrich designs. All design work is done in the size and color options you want. The floor of the stand is covered with parquet or carpet in different colors, depending on the design. Modular exhibition stand models provide both durable and more practical installation as they are produced as disassembled. You can also use the same stand in different fairgrounds.

Maxima Exhibition Stands Production

Production of maxima exhibition stands can be among the services requested for participation in USA fairs. Many different designs can be prepared for the Maxima exhibition stand. Thanks to special designs, it provides a higher quality appearance. Recently, it is among the stand options preferred by companies in all sectors for exhibition stands. It is produced using different materials and can be easily installed in every fairground. For international fair organizations, productions are made with designs suitable for the corporate identity of the company.

Product Display Stands Production

Product display stands are stands that provide better promotion of products in fair organizations. Metal, wood and plastic materials are used in the production of product display stands. Productions are made according to the prepared stand design and better display of the product. Product display stands are produced with different design studies depending on the nature of the fair organization and the type of product to be exhibited.

Things to Consider for Those Who Want to Have an American Wooden Exhibition Stand

Fair Stand Modeling and Graphic Services

For companies, international fairs are a great opportunity for brand and product promotion. One of the services offered to those who want to receive services for participation in USA fairs is fair stand modeling and graphic services.

The modeling of the fair stands is done in a way that highlights the company’s brand and product features. Expert graphic designers prepare modern designs according to booth models and show them to companies. Companies can request any change they want on the prepared stand model and request it to be produced and set up in the fair area.

Fair Equipment Rental Service

One of the best services you can get for attending USA fairs is fair equipment rental services. By renting an exhibition stand and other equipment, you can have the advantage of using the best-designed products at more affordable prices. Among the exhibition equipment that can be rented are the following.

  • Table,
  • Chair,
  • Seat,
  • Plasma,
  • electronic equipment,
  • lcd tv,
  • lighting materials,
  • Refrigerator,
  • beverage devices,

You can rent all the equipment that may be needed at the fair event. Determining your needs and renting in advance will ensure that the equipment you want is provided on time.

Storage Service for Fair Materials

Companies prepare both the stand equipment and the product range to be presented to the customers for international fair organizations days in advance. When a storage service is needed for exhibition materials, it is necessary to benefit from this service cost-effectively and reliably. Whether you have rented the fair materials or had special production made, you will need storage service.

Opening a Fair Stand in America and What are the Auxiliary Services.

Fair Event Management

Receiving fair event management services will enable you to access all service options more easily. When you manage the big international fair events correctly, you will be able to communicate better with other companies and customers, and you will be able to introduce yourself better. Virtual and real events about your company are planned and presented with all the details.

Hostess Rental for the Fair

In fair events, you will need hostesses who will promote products at stands. With the hostess rental services for the fair, the needs of all companies are met and their work is facilitated. It provides the rental of experienced stewardesses in USA fairs and all services are offered by professional staff.