Las Vegas HD Hospitality Expo

Any other year, you would find this space devoted to discovery, knowledge-sharing, networking, innovation, craft, inspiration, and a hundred more reasons to attend HD in August 2021.

But this not a normal year. Nor was 2020.

Like you, since the pandemic took hold, we have experienced extreme uncertainty, unforeseen challenges, and a range of emotions, along with extreme gratitude for family, friends, essential workers, health, kindness, mindfulness, and any sense of normalcy.

There is no playbook. But we are certain about two things: community matters in good times and bad, and from bitter challenges come new ideas, innovation, and inspiration.

In support of our amazing hospitality design industry that we all love, you are cordially invited to HD Expo + Conference 2021 in Las Vegas, August 24+25. We pledge to share the best of hospitality, with your safety as our first priority. (If that sounds like an airline takeoff safety speech, fine, we’re sticking to it.)

There’s never been a more important time to come together. All in, we’re stronger as a community.

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Fair stand design, fair stand installation. We can Design & Build Custom, Modular and Portable Exhibition Stands that can be reused and altered to fit any layout.