International packaging and packaging fairs are held at certain times of the year, in different countries of the world, with the participation of international companies. The Las Vegas packaging fair will bring the packaging and processing world together in 2021, ensuring that innovations and all developments are shared. Thanks to the packaging fair, the latest innovations in the sectors will be seen, the experts will be directly interviewed and connections will be established.

Las Vegas Pack Expo Fair Exhibition

Las Vegas Pack Expo

Las Vegas Exhibition Services

Companies that receive an invitation to participate in the international packaging and packaging fair events can register within the specified period in order to benefit from the fair services. Those who find a place for themselves in the fair area can display their services and products by setting up stands.

The packaging fair will feature new and diverse packaging and packaging machines developed by international companies. In order for the sectors to continue their production and marketing operations, they need to carry out the packaging operations with the best solution options. The Las Vegas packaging fair will showcase innovations.

Who Is Attending Las Vegas Packaging Fair?

Companies that provide professional service in the sector always participate in international fairs. Professionals in the packaged product industry are also participating in the Las Vegas packaging fair, and the participants are;

  • company management,
  • engineers,
  • production inspectors,
  • IT professionals,
  • Package development and design specialists,
  • Operation and quality control,
  • Brand managers and marketers,
  • Logistics and supply chain management specialists,

Anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the product packaging industry can attend the fair and see the solutions on site.

What is on Display at the Las Vegas Packaging Expo?

While preparing invitations for international companies, it is determined who can attend and what will be exhibited at the fair. Participants and visitors make their programs accordingly. At the Las Vegas packaging trade show, top solution providers showcase:

  • State-of-the-art packaging equipment,
  • automation technologies,
  • Material and container designs,
  • Digital packaging solutions,
  • Supply chain solution options,

It enables many processes such as packaging, product promotion, protection and transportation to be done better in packaged product marketing in all industrial sectors.

Las Vegas Packaging Fair Stand Setup

Those who fulfill the conditions of participation in the fair and register can receive professional support for the design and installation of stands suitable for their brands and products. Reusable designs are being made for stand setups.

Modular stands that can be changed according to requests and demands are specially prepared and installed in the halls of the congress center. Exhibition stands are prepared in a way that will make it easier for the exhibitors to better exhibit the products, visit and get information, and attract attention. The visual quality of the stand is important for the brand.