Las Vegas AAPEX fair, automotive aftermarket fair, is an organization that aims to create new opportunities in the automotive industry. It was held in Las Vegas, USA on 02 – 04 November 2021.

Different companies from all over the world participated and tried to market the products they developed to the world market. States offer various support packages to enable companies to participate and enable companies to apply for fair participation. The Las Vegas AAPEX expo always ensures that new opportunities are created and captured.

Services You Can Get to Participate in USA Fairs

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Advantages of Las Vegas AAPEX Fair

There are many companies in the automotive industry internationally. Fairs enable the supplier companies to highlight the brand, share new solution suggestions, introduce new products and expand the marketing network by finding new customers.

The Las Vegas AAPEX fair enabled companies from all over the world to connect with new customers. In recent times when technology is developing rapidly, new solutions and new product options are constantly being offered. It is important to follow the innovations in order to exist in the sector.

Las Vegas AAPEX Exhibitors

For participation in the Las Vegas AAPEX fair, they must apply at least 6 months before the fair date. Applicants can make their transactions by providing their sectors, brands, and the stand m² information they want to rent. Las Vegas AAPEX exhibitors include:

Independent repair garages,
national service chains,
warehouse distributors,
program groups,

Companies that are in the field of the automotive industry and think that they are the link of this chain can take the opportunity to exhibit their products by participating in the fair with the support of the state.

Those Who Want to Open an Exhibition Stand in America Need to Know

Reaching New Technologies

The Las Vegas AAPEX fair enables thousands of international buyers to see new technologies and connect with suppliers. It allows you to show that your products look better, experience and create new solutions with various demo applications during the fair. Those in the buyer group travel to the Las Vegas AAPEX fair from different parts of the world to find new suppliers and purchase new technologies. Participating companies will be in industrial competition and will be able to find new markets.

Fair Application Form

Las Vegas AAPEX fair application form link link is shown in the invitation sent to the companies. Those who intend to participate in the fair can apply by filling out the National Participation Application Form according to the specified conditions. Each company can request at least 12 m² of space for the Las Vegas AAPEX fair. Area rental fees are made on m² and special stand designs can be made according to the brand and the product to be exhibited. In the application form, it is requested to include the product photos to be exhibited at the fair.