The organizations where companies come together in a certain place in a certain time period and advertise and market their own products are called fairs. In recent years, the fairs, to which companies attach more importance, are organized with national and international participants in dozens of different countries. These fairs differ according to the sectors and make a great contribution to the development of the sector. Hundreds of companies operating in the sector and participating from different countries, especially in international fairs, introduce their developments in the sector to the whole world in a short time.

Services You Can Get to Participate in USA Fairs

Las Vegas Pack Expo Fair Exhibition

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USA Fairs You Can Attend

The United States of America is one of the best countries for international fair organization. Hundreds of fairs are held every year in the country, which has a population of over three hundred million. These fairs are also a good opportunity for Turkish companies. Because American companies participate in these fairs, as well as all world companies show great interest. Some of the fairs held in the United States in recent years are as follows;

  • anaheim ca aacc annual meeting medical expo
  • anaheim ca west pack expo
  • chicago nra restaurant expo
  • chicago pack expo
  • kansas city nasgw expo
  • las vegas aapex expo
  • las vegas abc kids expo
  • las vegas aluminum expo
  • las vegas con expo
  • las vegas hd hospitality expo
  • las vegas ibs expo
  • las vegas pack expo
  • las vegas shot show
  • long beach ca impression expo
  • orlando npe plastic show
  • seafood expo boston

Fairs are held in dozens of different sectors in the USA. In particular, hundreds of different companies from around the world participate in the above fairs. The fact that America has the largest budget in the world and the national income per capita is high is a great advantage for the companies participating in the fair.

What Those Who Want to Attend Fairs in America Need to Know

Anaheim Ca Aacc Annual Meeting Medical Expo

It is a fair organized by the AACC association operating in the chemical industry in the city of Anaheim, California. The fair is held annually to promote medical laboratory equipment and to bring together hundreds of companies operating in this sector.

Anaheim Ca West Pack Expo

Another fair held in the city of Anaheim is the West Pack Expo. Hundreds of companies operating in the packaging and packaging industry and thousands of participants come together for this fair. For the importance of packaging and packaging, it is a very useful organization for better quality packaging.

Chicago Nra Restaurant Expo

It is a restaurant fair held in Chicago, one of the most crowded cities in the USA. The fair is organized by the Nra union. The flavors of dozens of different cuisines from around the world come together at the fair.

Chicago Pack Expo

Another address where package fairs are held is the city of Chicago. Thousands of companies operating in the packaging industry arrive in Chicago from their own countries to participate in this fair. This fair consists of a large market for the packaging and packaging industry.

Kansas City Nasgw Expo

The Nasgw Expo fair held in the state of Kansas is held every year. Especially American and German arms manufacturers participate in this fair. Thousands of different weapons and weapon equipment are on display at the fair.

Las Vegas Aapex Expo

Las Vegas Aapex Expo is an auto show held in the city of Las Vegas. This fair is followed by thousands of companies and participants around the world. These fairs, where the automobile industry of the future is shaped, are held in different cities and countries besides Las Vegas.

Las Vegas ISC International Security Conference and Expo

Taking place March 28-31 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, the International Security Conference and Expo – also known as ISC West – is the leading comprehensive and converged security trade event in the USA. At ISC West, you will have the chance to network. and connect with thousands of security and public safety experts, learn from the dynamic SIA Education@ISC programme, as well as discover emerging trends in Drones and Robotics, IT and the Internet of Things as you explore the latest technologies in Access Control, Alarms and Surveillance and Video Surveillance. Security, Smart Home Solutions and more. Offering the combination of products, training programs and networking opportunities in one place makes ISC West truly the premier destination to showcase innovation and discover what’s new in the industry and what’s next.

Psi 03

Orlando ISPA Fair

The World’s Largest Fair for the Sleeping Products Industry!
Mattress manufacturers and industry leaders come to ISPA EXPO from around the world to explore the showroom and connect with the people, products, ideas and opportunities that set the pace for the future of the mattress industry.

Isc2022 05 Gallery


LA Textile is the Fashion Industry’s premier destination for Textile, Design and Manufacturing resources on the West Coast. Presented biennially, LA Textile features a curated selection of leading Textile Mills, Trim Suppliers, Design Studios, Manufacturing Companies and Supply Chain Services from around the world, along with acclaimed Seminars, Trend Galleries, Sustainable Fashion Forum, and Informing your Design and manufacturing goals. Creative Activations designed to inspire and help you activate. LA Textile has been proudly presented by the California Market Center (CMC) since 1993.

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Las Vegas CES Exhibition

CES ® is the Global Stage of Innovation
CES® is the most influential technology event in the world – a proven ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the world’s biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators take the stage. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES has every aspect of the tech industry.
CES showcases companies, including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, and more.

Those Who Want to Open an Exhibition Stand in America Need to Know

Las Vegas Pack Expo Fair Exhibition

Las Vegas Abc Kids Expo

It is a children’s fair sponsored by ABC company. Companies that produce and market children’s and baby products participate in this fair.

Las Vegas Aluminum Expo

One of the fairs held in the United States is the aluminum fair. This fair is also held in Las Vegas and dozens of aluminum manufacturers and shaping companies participate.

Las Vegas Con Expo

There are dozens of different companies producing construction equipment in the world. These companies come together in Las Vegas every year for the Con Expo. Companies not only exhibit their own technologies, but also increase their production quality by meeting with different technologies.

Las Vegas Hd Hospitality Expo

One of the fairs that most interest women, Las Vegas Hd Hospitality Expo is the hospitality fair. Textile and furniture companies and many armchair manufacturers are participating in the fair.

Las Vegas Ibs Expo

Another fair that can attract the attention of women is the Las Vegas Ibs Expo. The fair showcases feminine items such as many makeup and hair products. These fairs can be an opportunity for Turkish companies to enter the American market.

Las Vegas Pack Expo

Package fairs are also held in the city of Las Vegas. Easy methods and technologies of packaging and packaging are exhibited at this fair and spread to the world.

Las Vegas Shot Show

The heart of the world arms industry beats to the Las Vegas Shot Show. Hundreds of different weapons used by hunting, target and security forces are exhibited at the fair held every year.

Long Beach Ca Impression Expo

Long Beach Ca Impression Expo is an international clothing fair. Ready-to-wear textile companies from around the world participate in this fair, which is held every year. Participants attend these fairs to develop their trade and bond with other colleagues.

Orlando Npe Plastic Show

The Orlando Npe Plastic Show fair, organized by the USA Plastic Industry Association, brings together hundreds of building and construction materials vendors and manufacturers. Hundreds of companies operating in the sector participate in this fair.

Seafood Expo Boston

This fair, where seafood is exhibited, is held regularly every year in the city of Boston. Hundreds of companies participate in this fair and promote their products. The USA, which has a large population, is a great opportunity for these fairs. Companies can market their products more easily at these fairs.

Usa’da Fuarla Katılmak İçin Yardımcı Hizmetler

For companies that have applied and been accepted to participate in fairs in the USA, the organizer company or association allocates a place for the stand. In this place, the necessary infrastructure for the company is also being prepared. Firms go to the fairground and open stands on the opening date of the fair with their own stands and the products they will exhibit.