The exhibition hall is full. Thousands of people found their way to this year’s fair, where you are also represented. A few visitors will also find their way to you. They are friendly and advise interested parties. Some prospects are also interested in your product. But while you’re not in consultation, look over at the competitor’s booths. There are many more people!? All consultants are in conversation. Other visitors are queuing, who also want to be advised.

You ask yourself, “Why are there more than me?” You turn and look at your booth, which you have planned for a long time and built with love. Inspect your exhibition stand, which has already brought you many interested parties and customers at past trade fairs. Then look back at the competition.

Then you will notice!

Their booth is: Modern. Future-oriented. Exciting. Inspiring.

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Exhibition stand of the future – live, digital and hybrid

In order to inspire people at a trade fair, you need a modern and eye-catching exhibition stand in addition to a TOP offer. A booth of the future! An eye-catcher for all visitors and interested parties. People at the event need to talk about your stand.

What will the exhibition stand of the future look like?

The exhibition stand of the future consists less of print materials and more of LED video walls or LED elements. Of course, decorative accessories should not be missing. This is of course. Everything adapted to your brand. It must arouse interest, inspire visitors and invite them to stop by and linger.

Tracking is also indispensable for a trade fair stand of the future and indispensable:

  • Was your presence at the trade fair worth it?
  • How many visitors did you have? Per day or total.
  • How long did visitors stay at your stand?

And much more.

Use tracking to analyze your trade fair success even better and to make future trade fairs even more successful. All of this, of course, GDPR-compliant.

You are probably asking yourself: Where can I get such a booth from? I can never do something like that myself!? And on top of that, will it probably cost me a fortune?

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Full service for your exhibition stand

What would an exhibition stand of the future be without a full service package!? We accompany you through the entire process. From planning to construction. Even printing and graphics service is not a problem. We organize, advise and give new input so that your trade fair event is a complete success. Why should you worry about it when there is WWM!? Whatever your wish, we will do our best to fulfill it?

  • Do you need drinks and snacks for your exhibition stand? No problem! We take care of this.
  • You still need some print media? Can we do it?

Years of experience have shown us what really matters:

  • Expert advice
  • Individual advice including custom-made products
  • Smooth trade fair logistics
  • Simpler and quicker assembly and disassembly

So that you can get a good overview of our services in trade fair service, we have put together an overview for you here:
full service in trade fair construction

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Forward-looking trade fair construction

Admittedly, designing and building a trendsetting exhibition stand that inspires and excites is not easy for one person. But that’s what we’re here for. We, the WWM, offer trade fair construction in Düsseldorf and many other trade fair cities and believe in the synergy of digital and real event marketing for your success.

Our task is to design the best future-oriented trade fair stand for you. Bringing you lots of visitors and contacts at every trade fair. It doesn’t matter whether the booth is real or digital. The Metaverse doesn’t stop at us either.

Link the real with the digital and meet the demands of your customers and visitors.

Since we work future-oriented, we act accordingly. You do not buy any materials for your exhibition stand from us or have to dispose of them after the event. You simply rent the trade fair stand you want. This creates a win-win-win situation:

  • You have a small investment in your success
  • We can use the materials longer
  • For the sake of the environment, we produce less waste

Like many others , use event marketing on demand from One Stop Expo and benefit from the win-win-win situation mentioned above.

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What to do now?

If you want to inspire visitors and bring new customers to your company with a future-oriented exhibition stand at your next event, we would be happy to offer you full service for your success. Contact our offices in Las Vegas and Turkey.