When I ask exhibitors what they want to achieve at an upcoming trade fair, I usually get the following answer: “Well, our expectations are not very high because we only have a small stand.” What do we need to consider in order to stand out with a small booth?

The reason for a small stand can be a limited budget or uncertain expectations for the trade fair. Maybe you are exhibiting for the first time or you want to test participation in a trade fair in a new branch. Whatever the motivation for a small booth, one thing is clear: Even a trade fair or congress with a small stand costs a lot of time and money – so make sure you make the most of it!

And even with a small stand, you can be very successful at a trade fair. Because the size of the stand-alone does not determine the success of your trade fair stand!

Fuar Standı

Of course, attracting visitors with a large stand is a bit easier. But with the following tips, you can make the most of your trade fair participation even with a small system stand. A pop-up stand or a mobile exhibition wall attracts attention. As a result, you get more attention, more potential customers, a higher number of visitors and ultimately more potential customers.

With these points you can increase the success of your exhibition stand:

1. Lighting

Do not save on lighting. Plenty of light is essential if you don’t want to create a cosy pub atmosphere. Your stand will look much better when brightly lit. In addition, plenty of lighting almost always makes your stand look more professional. And always the opposite: too little lighting will make your stand look terrible.

2. Flooring

Your floor covering and its color play a very important role when it comes to the appearance of your stand. With small stands and standard stand construction, for example, you are often limited to what is included in the stand hire package.

My advice: always try to deviate from what is offered as standard. Because if you choose the standard (you can usually only choose between plain carpets in colors such as matt blue and dull grey), then it is obvious that you are getting exactly the same equipment as your stand neighbor in front, next to or behind you. you Not a good way to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, ask the trade fair organizer whether you can lay or have your floor covering laid yourself. Choose a beautiful and varied floor covering, such as a printed floor covering or PVC. Something that is distinctive, eye-catching and contributes to a professional trade fair stand.

Fuar Standı

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3. Graphics

Graphics and stand design (photos, illustrations, visuals, etc.) play a crucial role when it comes to making your stand out. Here are a few guidelines:

Less is more. Keep the number of images and text to a minimum. This is especially important for a small stand. Not only does less content ensure that the information displayed attracts more attention, but images and texts can also be displayed larger. This in turn means better visibility.

people look at people. We are programmed to look at eyes and people. Pictures of people, for example, attract more attention than pictures of products. Try using this for your brand or product.

Contrasting photos. Make sure you have good-quality, high-contrast photos. Don’t have any? Then consider having some made. Of course, you can also use stock images, but be careful when doing so. Because often such pictures look posed and artificial. People often look a little too right, too clean and slick. Visitors feel this subconsciously, as a result, your company or product may not look authentic and this can affect trust.

4. Texts and Communication

Let not only your photos speak, but also your texts. A good copy or slogan lets potential customers immediately understand who you are and what you do. And if this text is lively and attractive at the same time, there is a high probability that potential customers will linger at your stand for a while.

5. Actions, presentations and other attention-grabbing activities

A green screen wall to take a photo with a celebrity, a raffle, virtual games, augmented reality, product demonstrations, actors in the booth, I have seen all of these many times at trade fairs and booths.

They all aim to attract visitors and make them stop and visit a stand.

And it works. People are herd animals and are always looking for entertainment. But remember that such attractions are not very selective. They attract not only potential customers, but also “other” random visitors. But this is not really a problem because people attract other people. However, make sure that the booth team finds out immediately by asking one or two specific questions which visitors are really interested in your product or company and which are there only because of the attraction.

6. Movement

Movement attracts attention. Use it on your stand. Big screens showing fast-moving videos or animations, a machine running live on your stand or a speaker giving a presentation on your stand: by definition, every movement attracts attention. OK, I’ll admit that the possibilities for this are more limited on a small booth, but with a little creativity you can definitely come up with something attractive.

7. Proactive stand team and hostesses

If your stand does not automatically attract enough attention, use a proactive stand team to attract visitors. Trade fair hostesses can also play a role here. For example, have them give something to get in touch with. With a good and specific question, they can categorize a visitor and possibly pass it on to the sales team.

These 7 tips will help you to improve the results of your trade fair participation, even if you “only” participate with a small booth. Would you like to find out how we can help you in more detail and advise you comprehensively? Or are you looking for a professional exhibition wall, a presentation wall or a mobile (DIY) trade fair stand? Then we would like to get in touch with you for a mutual exchange of ideas and competent advice!

8. Leverage Technology

Utilize technology to enhance engagement at your small booth. Augmented and virtual reality, or interactive touchscreens can create an immersive experience for visitors, showcasing your products or services in an innovative way. Even with limited space, strategically incorporating technology can make your booth memorable and visually appealing to attendees.


Success at a trade fair isn’t about the size of your booth, but the impact you make. Even a small stand can draw attention with the right mix of lighting, visuals, and engagement strategies. Every detail counts in making a memorable impression, driving leads, and building connections.